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Transient Behavior of the Polarization in Ferroelectric Thin Film Capacitors

  • Oliver Lohse (a1), Michael Grossmann (a1), Dierk Bolten (a1), Ulrich Boettger (a1) and Rainer Waser (a2)...


The understanding of the polarization switching process of ferroelectric capacitors is highly relevant for the development and optimization of FeRAM devices. We report on the characterization of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films which have been studied by means of dedicated rectangle pulse measurements. Decreasing the voltage level of the excitation pulses decelerates the polarization switching significantly to the range of milliseconds and reduces the switchable polarization. In this work the influence of niobium (Nb) doping on the switching properties of PZT thin films prepared by CSD are investigated to reach the aspired conditions of low voltage operation, read and write access pulses in the range of nanoseconds. For the implementation of the transient behavior of ferroelectric capacitors in circuit design and simulation tools it is necessary to develop a model which precisely describes the polarization hysteresis, the pulse switching behavior as well as the small signal capacitance. The fundamental considerations for this model are presented, based on an ideal ferroelectric capacitor, taking into account the Curie-von Schweidler behavior. The latter is observed in non-ferroelectric high-K materials as well as in ferroelectric thin films.



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Transient Behavior of the Polarization in Ferroelectric Thin Film Capacitors

  • Oliver Lohse (a1), Michael Grossmann (a1), Dierk Bolten (a1), Ulrich Boettger (a1) and Rainer Waser (a2)...


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