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Towards a Silicate Matrix for the Immobilisation of Halide-rich Wastes

  • M. R. Gilbert (a1)


Single-phase calcium chlorosilicate and sodalite, two potential ceramic waste-forms for the immobilisation of CaCl2-based pyroprocessing wastes, have been fabricated at temperatures below the volatilisation point of CaCl2. Solid solutions doped with Sm3+ as an inactive analogue for trivalent actinides have been fabricated and characterised. XRD analysis shows both phases will successfully accommodate Sm3+, with the sodalite in particular remaining single-phase. Fabrication of Sm-doped calcium chlorosilicate in air results in the formation of SmOCl and Ca(Si2O5) secondary phases, however, calcination in an inert atmosphere is shown to successfully retard the formation of SmOCl allowing for higher levels of doping.



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Towards a Silicate Matrix for the Immobilisation of Halide-rich Wastes

  • M. R. Gilbert (a1)


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