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Toward Growing III-V Clusters with Metalorganic Precursors

  • A. Demchuk (a1), J. Porter (a1) and B. Koplitz (a1)


The present work reports on the formation of GaN-containing clusters from metalorganic precursors by combining pulsed laser photolysis and pulsed nozzle methods. Ammonia (NH3) and triethylgallium (C2H5)3Ga (TEG) or trimethylgallium (CH3)3Ga (TMG) with He, Ar, or N2 as the carrier gas are introduced into a high vacuum chamber via a specialized dual pulsed nozzle source. The light from an ArF excimer laser (193 nm, 23 ns FWHM) is focused into the mixing and reaction region of the nozzle source, and the products are then mass analyzed with a quadrupole mass spectrometer. Efficient laser-assisted growth of (GaN)x-containing clusters is shown with this technique.



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