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Total-System Performance Assessment for the Yucca Mountain Site

  • Michael L. Wilson (a1), Peter N. Swift (a1), Jerry A. McNeish (a2) and S. David Sevougian (a2)


Yucca Mountain, Nevada, is under consideration as a potential site for a repository for high-level radioactive waste. Total-system performance-assessment simulations are performed to evaluate the safety of the site. Features, events, and processes have been systematically evaluated to determine which ones are significant to the safety assessment. Computer models of the disposal system have been developed within a probabilistic framework, including both engineered and natural components. Selected results are presented for three different total-system simulations, and the behavior of the disposal system is discussed. The results show that risk is dominated by igneous activity at early times, because the robust waste-package design prevents significant nominal (non-disruptive) releases for tens of thousands of years or longer. The uncertainty in the nominal performance is dominated by uncertainties related to waste-package corrosion at early times and by uncertainties in the natural system, most significantly infiltration, at late times.



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Total-System Performance Assessment for the Yucca Mountain Site

  • Michael L. Wilson (a1), Peter N. Swift (a1), Jerry A. McNeish (a2) and S. David Sevougian (a2)


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