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Total Dielectric Isolation (TDI) of Device Islands Using SIMOX/SOI Technology

  • P L F Hemment (a1), A K Robinson (a1), K J Reeson (a1), J R Davis (a2), J R Kilner (a3), R J Chater (a3) and J Stoemenos (a4)...


A method of achieving total dielectric isolation (TDI) of device islands (or larger areas) using ion beam synthesis to form a continuous but non planar layer of SiO2 is described. The technique involves implantation through a patterned masking layer in which windows have been opened to define the dimensions and location of the islands. TDI structures have been successfully formed in annealed (1300°C, 5 hours) wafers implanted with a dose of 2.2 x 1018 O+ cm2 at 200 keV, using a thermal oxide mask of thickness 4750 Å.



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