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Tm Analysis of Interfaces Beiween Nb and Al2O3 Precipitates

  • W. Mader (a1)


A Nb—Al alloy has been internally oxidized to produce A12O3precipitates. The interface between plate—like AI2O3 precipitates and the Nb matrix has been investigated by diffraction, CTEM, and HREM techniques. Periodic arrays of misfit dislocations were observed which acted as diffraction gratings for the electrons. The location of misfit dislocation cores could be determined from HREM images within an accuracy of a few lattice spacings. It can be concluded that the misfit dislocations lead to a good matching of atomic rows across the interface. The dislocation arrangement at this partially coherent interface is in accordance with theoretical expectations from dislocation theory.



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Tm Analysis of Interfaces Beiween Nb and Al2O3 Precipitates

  • W. Mader (a1)


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