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Titanium Silicidation Induced Point Defects in SI

  • S. B. Herner (a1), H.-J. Gossmann (a2) and K. S. Jones (a1)


Antimony and B-doping superlattices were employed to study the population of Si native point defects after the formation of a TiSi2 film at 800 to 890°C. Formation of a TiSi2 film at these temperatures results in interface roughness on the order of 300 Å (root mean square). Artifacts in SIMS data arising from sputtering through such a rough interface were avoided by chemomechanical polishing of the underlying Si after chemically etching off the TiSi2 film. The resulting Si surface had a roughness of 0.7 Å. Enhancement in the diffusion of Sb and retardation in the diffusion of B over control samples without a TiSi2 film indicate a vacancy supersaturation and an interstitial undersaturation.



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Titanium Silicidation Induced Point Defects in SI

  • S. B. Herner (a1), H.-J. Gossmann (a2) and K. S. Jones (a1)


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