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TiB2as a Diffusion Barrier for Cu/<si> Metallization

  • J. L. Wang (a1) and J. S. Chen (a1)


TiB2, films deposited by co-sputtering from a boron and a TiB, target are evaluated as the diffusion barrier for Cu metallization. Material characteristics of the TiB, films and metallurgical interactions of the Cu/TiB2/<Si> system annealed at 400−700°C for 30 min, in a 80%Ar+20%H2 flow, were investigated by glancing angle X-ray diffraction, Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Sheet resistance was measured for electrical characterization.

The composition and resistivity of the sputtered TiB1 films varied with the bias applied on the substrate. To obtain a low film resistivity, a negative bias of 200V was applied during sputtering. The resulting TiB2 film is nanocrystalline with a resistivity of 300 μΩcm. After copper deposition, the Cu/TiB2/<Si> samples have a constant sheet resistance after annealing up to 600°C for 30min. The overall sheet resistance of the sample increases by five orders of magnitude after annealing at 700°C, and scanning electron micrographs reveal that the sample surface is severely deteriorated after annealing at 700°C.



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TiB2as a Diffusion Barrier for Cu/<si> Metallization

  • J. L. Wang (a1) and J. S. Chen (a1)


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