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Thiophene Oligomer and NTCDI Semiconductors with High Field-effect Transistor On/off Ratios

  • Howard E. Katz (a1), Andrew J. Lovinger (a1), X. Michael Hong (a1) and Jerainne Johnson (a1)


Organic semiconductors are of continued interest for low-cost display drivers and logic elements. Field-effect transistors (FETs) with organic semiconductor channels have been fabricated in arrays to drive electrophoretic display pixels[1] and polymer dispersed liquid crystals ( Complementary logic elements and shift registers containing hundreds of organic-based FETs have been produced[2], and high-speed organic circuits have been fabricated on polyester substrates.[3] The source and drain electrodes of individual FETs have been patterned using microcontact printing and inkjet methods[4] to give extraordinary aspect ratios. Inorganic[5] and hybrid[6] materials have been deposited as FET semiconductors using the methods of “organic electronics”. Organic FET channels have been harnessed to demonstrate ambipolar transport[7], chemical sensitivity[8], superconductivity[9], and electrically pumped lasers[10].



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