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Thin-Film Color Sensor Arrays

  • D. Knipp (a1) (a2), R.A. Street (a1), H. Stiebig (a3), M. Krause (a3) (a4), J.-P Lu (a1), S. Ready (a1) and J. Ho (a1)...


Color information is commonly captured by silicon sensor arrays covered by a mosaic of color filters. However, the detection of the colors red, green and blue at different spatial positions of the sensor arrays leads to color aliasing or color moiré effects. This effect inherently limits conventional sensor arrays. In order to overcome this limitation we have realized color sensors based on vertically integrated thin-film structures. The complete color information can be detected at the same position of a sensor array without using optical filters. The sensors consist of a multilayer thin-film system based on amorphous silicon and its alloys. The spectral sensitivity of the sensors can be controlled by the optical and optoelectronic properties of the employed materials and the applied bias voltages. The working principle of the thin-film sensors and the sensor arrays will be presented. For the first time a large area three color sensor array was realized without using optical filters.



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