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Thin Film Superconducting MgB2 Grown by MBE without Post-Anneal

  • William Jo (a1), Jeong-Uk Huh (a1), Tsuyoshi Ohnishi (a1), Ann F. Marshall (a1), Malcolm R. Beasley (a1) and Robert H. Hammond (a1)...


We report the synthesis of superconducting MgB2 thin films grown in-situ by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Mg-rich fluxes are deposited with B-flux by electron beam evaporation onto c- and r-plane sapphire substrates. Deposition temperature is varied between 260 ∼ 320 °C. Base pressure of the MBE chamber is at low 10-10 Torr, rising to 10-8 Torr during deposition due mostly to the presence of hydrogen and nitrogen. Asgrown MgB2 films show superconducting transition at ∼ 34 K with ΔTc < 1 K. The films on c-plane sapphire substrates exhibit c-axis oriented peaks of MgB2, and full-width at half maximum of 3 degree in their rocking curves. Azimuthal phi-scan of the MgB2(101) peak shows 12-fold symmetric peaks, which is confirmed by selected area diffraction pattern in transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Plan-view TEM shows hexagonal-shaped grain growth with grain size of about 400 Å.



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