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Thin Film of Conjugated Schiff-Base as Ultrahigh Density Data Storage Material

  • W. J. Yang (a1), Q. C. Yang (a1), H. G. Lu (a1), H. Y. Chen (a1), S. M. Hou (a2), L. P. Ma (a3), H. X. Zhang (a3), Z. Q. Xue (a2) and S. J. Pang (a3)...


N-(3-nitrobenzylidene)-p-phenylenediamine (NBPDA) was used as ultrahigh density data storage medium by scanning tunneling microscope (STM) technique. Data marks of 1.4nm in diameter were written by applying voltage pulses between the STM tip and the substrate. Structures of single crystal and thin films were characterized by IR, UV–Vis, XRD, STM and verified by DFT quantum chemical calculation.


Corresponding author

*To whom the correspondence should be addressed.


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