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Thin Film Morphology and GrowthMechanism of Pentacene Thin Film Using Low-Pressure Organic Vapor Deposition

  • Seong Deok Ahn (a1), Seung Youl Kang (a1), Yong Eui Lee (a1), Meyoung Ju Joung (a1), Chul Am Kim (a1) and Kyung Soo Suh (a1)...


We have investigated the growth mechanism and thin film morphology of pentacene thin films by the process of low-pressure gas assisted organic vapor deposition (LP-GAOVD). As the source temperature, flow rate of the carrier gas, substrate temperature and chamber pressure were varied, the growth rate, morphology and grain size of the films were differently obtained. The electrical properties of pentacene thin films for applications in organic thin film transistor and electrophoretic displays were discussed



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