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Thin Film Crystalline Organic Semiconductors: A New Class of Engineered Materials for Optoelectronics

  • E. I. Haskal (a1), F. F. So (a1), D. Y. Zang (a1) and S. R. Forrest (a1)


We have demonstrated that a class of stable aromatic compounds based on perviene and naphthalene can be deposited in extensive single crystalline thin films using the ultrahigh vacuum process of organic molecular beam deposition (OMBD). Furthermore, highly ordered “quasi-epitaxial” structures consisting of alternating, ultra-thin (to 10A) layers of two or more crystalline organic compounds have also been grown using this novel process, thus opening the door to a wide range of artificially “engineered” structures analogous to conventional semiconductor multiple quantum wells (MQWs). Unlike the case of inorganic semiconductors, however, organic materials bonded by the flexibly van der Waals forces are free of the need to choose layer compositions from materials whose crystal structures are matched. In this paper we summarize many of the unusual growth and materials characteristics of quasi-epitaxial organic thin films grown by OMBD.


Corresponding author

* Hoechst-Celanese Corp., Summit, NJ


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