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Thermoreflectance Measurements of the Temperature Distributions in Laser Diodes with Non Injected Facet

  • Tomasz Ochalski (a1), Dorota Pierscinska (a2), Kamil Pierscinski (a3), Andrzej Malag (a4), Agata Jasik (a5), Anna Kozlowska (a6) and Maciej Bugajski (a7)...


Non Injected Facet (NIF) lasers were developed to increase catastrophic optical damage level of the devices. In this work we present the analysis of the laser diodes (LD) front facet temperature distribution. Micro-thermoreflectance technique is used to perform a detailed temperature maps of the operating LDs. Such a technique gives us temperature maps with a spatial resolution better than 1mm and area of the maps covers active region and substrate crystal. We demonstrate micro thermoreflectance as a perfect tool to determine real temperature distribution of the operating laser diode front facet. Examined series of LDs under investigation have been made in two different ways. Major point of this work is comparison of the front facet temperature distribution of devices with and without injected facets. We compare temperature value and temperature distribution in the waveguide region in both types of the LDs. In our experiment NIF laser diodes exhibit facet temperatures increased by a factor of 1.4.



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