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Thermoelectric Properties of YbBiPt and YBiPt Thin Films

  • Sadik Guner (a1), Satilmis Budak (a2), Claudiu I Muntele (a3) and Daryush Ila (a4)


Monolayer thin films of YbBiPt and YBiPt have been produced with 560 nm and 394 nm thick respectively in house and their thermoelectric properties were measured before and after MeV ion bombardment. The energy of the ions were selected such that the bombarding Si ions stop in the silicon substrate and deposit only electronic energy by ionization in the deposited thin film. The bombardment by 5.0 MeV Si ions at various fluences changed the homogeneity as well as reducing the internal stress in the films thus affecting the thermal, electrical and Seebeck coefficient of thin films. The stoichiometry of the thin films was determined using Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry, the thickness has been measured using interferometry and the electrical conductivity was measured using Van der Pauw method. Thermal conductivity of the thin films was measured using an in-house built 3ω thermal conductivity measurement system. Using the measured Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity we calculated the figure of merit (ZT). We will report our findings of change in the measured figure of merit as a function of bombardment fluence.



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Thermoelectric Properties of YbBiPt and YBiPt Thin Films

  • Sadik Guner (a1), Satilmis Budak (a2), Claudiu I Muntele (a3) and Daryush Ila (a4)


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