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Thermoelectric Properties of Undoped and Si-doped Bulk GaN

  • Baozhu Wang (a1), Bahadir Kucukgok (a2), Qinyue He (a2), Andrew G. Melton (a2), Jacob Leach (a3), Kevin Udwary (a3), Keith Evans (a3), Na Lu (a4) and Ian T. Ferguson (a2)...


In this study, thermoelectric properties of bulk and epitaxy GaN with various doping concentration are investigated. Seebeck coefficients decreased with the increase of carrier concentration for both bulk and epitaxial GaN samples, and the Seebeck coefficients of epitaxial GaN samples are found to be larger than that of bulk GaN samples in the similar carrier density due to the higher dislocation scattering. For epitaxial samples, a high power factor of 4.72 × 10-4 W/m-K2 is observed. The power factors of the bulk GaN samples are in the range of from 0.315× 10-4W/m-K2 to 0.354× 10-4W/m-K2 due to the low Seebeck coefficients.



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