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Thermoelectric Properties of NaZn13-type Intermetallic Compounds

  • Y. Amagai (a1) (a2), A. Yamamoto (a2), C. H. Lee (a2), H. Takazawa (a2), T. Noguchi (a2), H. Obara (a2), T. Iida (a1) and Y. Takanashi (a1)...


We report the electrical resistivity and the Seebeck coefficient of AZn13 (A = Sr, Ba, and La) and LaCo13 measured over a wide temperature range and their thermal conductivity measured at room temperature. The electrical measurements of AZn13 and LaCo13 above room temperature reveal that the compounds show good metallic behavior. We find that the absolute value of Seebeck coefficient for AZn13 (A = Sr, Ba, and La) increases with increasing temperature, which is a typical metallic behavior and the absolute value is less than 3μVK−1 at room temperature. Accordingly, the power factor of AZn13 is quite low. Temperature dependence of the Seebeck coefficient for LaCo13 is similar to that of Co. The absolute value of the Seebeck coefficient for LaCo13 is high as a metallic conductor and approaches -30μVK−1 at 500K, which leads LaCo13 to large power factor of 1.8 × 10−3Wm−1K−2. We obtained lattice components of the thermal conductivity by subtracting electronic contributions from the total thermal conductivity. The electronic components of the thermal conductivity were estimated using Wiedemann-Frantz law assuming L (Lorentz number) is 2.45 × 10−8 V2K−2. The thermal conductivities of the lattice components for AZn13 (A = Sr, Ba, and La) and LaCo13 with NaZn13 type structure are about 10 Wm−1K−1, respectively. These values are high as compared with other thermoelectric materials.



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