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Thermoelectric Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Added n-type CoSb3 Compound

  • Takashi Itoh (a1) and Masashi Tachikawa (a2)


Cobalt triantimonide compounds are well known as materials with good thermoelectric properties over temperature range of 550-900 K. For further improving thermoelectric performance, reduction of thermal conductivity is required. In this study, we attempted to disperse carbon nanotubes (CNTs) homogeneously into the n-type CoSb3 compound for lowering lattice thermal conductivity by the phonon scattering. Powders of Co, Ni, Sb and Te were blended with molar ratios of n-type Co0.92Ni0.08Sb2.96Te0.04 compound, and the compound was synthesized through a pulse discharge sintering (PDS) process. After coarsely grinding the synthesized compound, CNTs were mixed with the compound powder at different mass% (0, 0.01, 0.05 and 0.1 mass%). Then, the mixture was mechanically ground with a planetary ball milling equipment. The ground composite powder was compacted and sintered by PDS. Thermoelectric properties (Seebeck coefficient, electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity) of the sintered samples were measured. It was confirmed that the fibrous CNTs existed homogeneously in the compound matrix. The absolute value of Seebeck coefficient slightly decreased with increase of CNT content. The minimum thermal conductivity was obtained at addition of 0.01mass%CNT, and the electrical resistivity was a little increased with CNT content. The maximum ZT of 0.98 was achieved at 853 K in the 0.01mass%CNT-added sample.



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