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Thermoelectric High Power Generating Module Made by n-Ba8AlxSi46-x Clathrate

  • Shinji Munetoh (a1), Makoto Arita (a2), Hideki Makiyama (a3) and Teruaki Motooka (a4)


We have developed a new thermoelectric power-generating module composed of 72 pieces of n-type Ba8Al18Si28 clathrate elements made by arc melting. The Seebeck coefficient, specific electric resistance and thermal conductivity of Ba8Al18Si28 clathrate were 250 μV/K, 1.9 mΩcm and 3.1 W/mK at 500 °C, respectively, and the thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) was 0.8. The new thermoelectric module was constructed using only n-type thermoelectric elements connected in series with hook-shaped electrodes. The open-circuit voltage of the module increased with hot-side temperature up to 1.8 V at 500 °C and generated 0.24 W. The module was successfully used to charge lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones.



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