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Thermoelectric and Structural Properties of Bi1-xTe1+x Thin Films on CdTe(111)

  • Yunki Kim (a1), Sunglae Cho (a1), Antonio DiVenere (a1), George K. Wong (a1), Jerry R. Meyer (a2) and John B. Ketterson (a1)...


Thin films of the hexagonal phase of Bi1-xTe1+x have been grown on CdTe(111) substrates using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns (θ-2θ scans and rocking curves) of the films shows that their crystallinity depends upon the compositional deviation from stoichiometric BiTe. Measurements of the temperature-dependent thermoelectric power (TEP) of the films reveals that compositional changes cause the TEP to vary from electron dominant (n-type) to hole dominant (p-type), implying their possible application as a thermoelectric cooler or power generator. Measurements of the temperature-dependent resistivity of the films were conducted, and the analysis shows semimetallic behavior. These results demonstrate that Bi1-xTe1+xis an appropriate model system to study the dependencies of thermoelectric and structural properties on binary composition.



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