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Thermodynamic Modeling of Cement/Groundwater Interaction as a Tool For Long-Tern Performance Assessment

  • Louise J. Criscenti (a1) and R. Jeff Serne (a1)


The chemical behavior of cement in the natural environment is of interest because cement has been suggested as a means of containing low-level radioactive waste and as a barrier between radioactive-waste containers and the surrounding soil or rock. In the past, either experiments or computer modeling have been used independently to predict how cement will leach in the natural environment. In this study, a geochemical model for cement leaching was developed, and predictions by the model were compared to results from a static leach test. Calcium concentrations and pH were adequately predicted by the model; however, other major leachate constituents, such as Al, Si, and S04, were poorly predicted. Additional experimental data and refinement of the model are both required to better predict the observed leachate concentrations. Accurate prediction of experimental results by a geochemical model would increase confidence in the model for use in long-term performance assessment.



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