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Thermal Vibration in nAgI-3Ag2O-2V2O5 Glasses

  • A. Thazin (a1), Y. Fujishima (a1), M. Arai (a1), T. Sakuma (a1) and H. Takahashi (a2)...


The X-ray diffraction measurement for superionic conducting glasses nAgI-3Ag2O-2V2O5 (n = 2, 5, 10) has been performed at 12, 100, 200 and 290 K. The temperature dependence of structure factor S(Q) of nAgI-3Ag2O-2V2O5 has been discussed based on the theoretical treatment including the thermal vibration of atoms in noncrystalline materials. The effective overall Debye-Waller temperature parameter B increases with the increase of temperature and also with AgI concentration.



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