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Thermal Stability of GaAs/InGaP and InGaP/(In)GaAs Interfaces

  • F. Hyuga (a1), T. Nittono (a1), K. Watanabe (a1) and T. Furuta (a1)


Thermal stabilities of GaAs/InGaP and InGaP/(In)GaAs interfaces are investigated using InGaP/(In)GaAs/InGaP single quantum wells. Annealing is performed at a temperature range between 600 and 900 °C for 10 min. Positions and the full widths at half maximum (FWHM) of photoluminescence (PL) peaks are almost identical to those of as-grown ones up to 800 °C. Blue shifts of PL peaks and increased widths of their FWHM observed after 900 °C annealing are suppressed by shortening the annealing time to 0.1 sec. Annealing at 900 ‘C for 0.1 sec is sufficient to activate Si ions implanted into (In)GaAs layers. As a result, these thermal stabilities are able to provide high reliability and high performance of InGaP/(In)GaAs heterostructure MESFET ICs.



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