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Thermal Evolution of Extrinsic Defects in Ion Implanted Silicon: Current Understanding and Modelling

  • Fuccio Cristiano (a1), Benjamin Colombeau (a2), Bernadette de Mauduit (a1), Caroline Bonafos (a1), Gerard Benassayag (a1) and Alain Claverie (a1)...


We present an extensive study of the thermal evolution of the extended defects found in ion implanted Si as a function of annealing conditions. We will first review their structure and energetics and show that the defect kinetics can be described by an Ostwald ripening process whereby the defects exchange Si atoms and evolve in size and type to minimise their formation energy. Finally, we will present a physically based model to predict the evolution of extrinsic defects during annealing through the calculation of defect densities, size distributions, number of clustered interstitials and free-interstitial supersaturation. We will show some successful applications of our model to a variety of experimental conditions and give an example of its predictive capabilities at ultra low implantation energies.



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Thermal Evolution of Extrinsic Defects in Ion Implanted Silicon: Current Understanding and Modelling

  • Fuccio Cristiano (a1), Benjamin Colombeau (a2), Bernadette de Mauduit (a1), Caroline Bonafos (a1), Gerard Benassayag (a1) and Alain Claverie (a1)...


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