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Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Low K Polymers

  • Chien Chiang (a1), Anne S. Mack (a1), Chuanbin Pan (a1), Yui-Lin Ling (a1) and David B. Fraser (a1)...


Low dielectric constant polymers offer many advantages in circuit performance, such as power dissipation, crosstalk and RC delay, when used as inter-layer dielectrics (ILDs). Silicon dioxide, a material commonly used as an ILD has a dielectric constant of 4.0. Organic polymers that have dielectric constant values ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 offer attractive alternatives to SiO2. However, it has been a great challenge to find organic polymers with thermal stability up to 450 °C. We have characterized thermal properties of polymers using thermal desorption analysis. isothermal TGA and FTIR to identify weak functional groups. In addition, we have measured the hardnesses and moduli of these polymers and found that the values are much lower than those of SiO2.Stress distributions in the interconnect system were analyzed using finite element modeling in order to understand potential reliability problems.



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