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Thermal and Kinetic Analysis of the solidification of a near eutectic Al-Cu Alloy

  • M. Morua (a1), M. Ramirez-Argaez (a1) and C. Gonzalez-Rivera (a1)


In this work the thermal and kinetic analysis of the cooling and solidification of a near eutectic Al-Cu alloy is performed using inverse thermal and solidification kinetics analysis. The Fourier thermal analysis is applied to experimental cooling curves to obtain data on solid fraction evolution and latent heat of solidification. Inverse thermal analysis is applied to calculate the global heat transfer coefficients that allow correct simulation of the cooling of experimental probes. The free growth method is used to obtain the eutectic growth coefficients. All the obtained parameters are feed into a heat transfer-solidification kinetics model to validate the methodology and results generated from this work. It is found a relatively good agreement between experimental and predicted cooling curves which suggest that this methodology could be used to generate useful information needed to simulate eutectic solidification.



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Thermal and Kinetic Analysis of the solidification of a near eutectic Al-Cu Alloy

  • M. Morua (a1), M. Ramirez-Argaez (a1) and C. Gonzalez-Rivera (a1)


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