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Theoretical analysis of <0001> tilt grain boundaries in GaN at the atomic scale

  • Jun Chen (a1), Pierre Ruterana (a2) and Gérard Nouet (a2)


Epitaxial layers of GaN contain a very high density of threading dislocations. In the first stage of growth they may form low and high angle grain boundaries. Energetic calculations of <0001> tilt grain boundaries have been performed with the Stillinger-Weber potential modified to take into account the wrong bonds Ga-Ga and N-N. The variation of the energy has been calculated as a function of the rotation angle. Two minima exist with special atomic structures based on a limited number of structural units. They are used to describe the other misorientations in terms of dislocation cores.



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Theoretical analysis of <0001> tilt grain boundaries in GaN at the atomic scale

  • Jun Chen (a1), Pierre Ruterana (a2) and Gérard Nouet (a2)


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