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Texturization Analysis by X-ray Diffraction of Shells of the Mussel Ischadium recurvum (Rafinesque, 1820) (Mollusca Bivalvia)

  • Octavio Gómez-Martínez (a1), Daniel H. Aguilar (a1), Juan J. Alvarado-Gil (a1), Patricia Quintana (a1) and Dalila Aldana-Aranda (a2)...


Most of the inorganic biomineralized materials are deposited on an organic matrix that controls the orientation and structure of the crystals. It is thought that chemical groups at the surface of the matrix may act as a template for the nucleation and growth of the mineral. A x-ray diffraction study of the texturization development of the bivalve mollusk shells is presented; specifically, the mussel Ischadium recurvum (Rafinesque, 1820), in different growing stages. The x-ray reflections show a preferred orientation that changes as the mollusk grows, and at the final stages only two crystallographic planes prevail.



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