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Tetragonal Au-Ni (001) Solid Solutions Grown by MBE

  • A. Marty (a1), M. Dynna (a1), B. Gilles (a2), G. Patrat (a3) and A. Chamberod (a1)...


A study has been made of metastable Au-Ni thin films codeposited by MBE on Au(001). The in-plane relaxation of the deposit was measured with RHEED during growth and the tetragonality of the whole Au-Ni layer was measured with non-symmetric X-ray scans and GDCD. Plan view and cross-sectional TEM show that the alloys relax via twinning on {111} planes. In addition, diffraction patterns show the presence of diffuse rings about points in the reciprocal lattice associated with the Lio structure. These are attributed to the presence of an antiphase structure which forms in response to the very high stresses in the Au-Ni layer. An Lio phase having a high degree of order has been grown by alternating single Au and Ni atomic layers.



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