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Temperature Dependent Carrier Transport in Single-Crystalline Si TFTs inside a Location-Controlled Grain

  • V. Rana (a1), R. Ishihara (a1), Y. Hiroshima (a2), D. Abe (a2), S. Inoue (a2), T. Shimoda (a2), J.W. Metselaar (a1) and C. I.M Beenakker (a1)...


Temperature dependant I-V characteristics were measured on single-crystalline Si (c-Si) TFTs fabricated inside a location-controlled grain by [.proportional]-Czochralski process using an excimer-laser. At ON-state, temperature the activation energy (Ea) of the drain current drops to a negative value. The field effect mobility ([.proportional]FE) also decreases with temperature with a power of -1.86, which indicates that, the carriers transport are governed by acoustic phonon scattering. At OFF state with a small gate bias, leakage current is dominated by thermal generation, however the Ea was 0.9eV, i.e., near the band gap value of Si. This suggests that the carrier generation centers are not located at the mid-gap states. These distinctive results from a typical poly-Si TFTs are systematically investigated for c-Si TFTs having ECR- PECVD and LPCVD SiO2 gate insulator.



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