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Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistivity in Nanocrystalline Gold Films Made by Advanced GaS Deposition

  • J. Ederth (a1), L. B. Kiss (a1), G. A. Niklasson (a1), C. G. Granqvist (a1) and E. Olsson (a1)...


Nanocrystalline thin Au films with grain size 10 - 76 nm have been analyzed regarding the temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity. A sudden change in the power function, ρ α Tn , was found at ∼10 K, where n = 1.7 in the range 5 - 10 K and n = 3.3 in the range 10 - 15 K. This effect disappears after annealing at 773 K for 0.5 h in air at atmospheric pressure. After the annealing the grain size was ∼ 100 nm. This is an indication of interference between electron-phonon scattering and electron-grain boundary scattering in nanocrystalline materials at low temperatures.

The temperature coefficient of resistivity, TCR, increased with increasing grain size at any temperature and the position of the maximum TCR was shifted towards lower temperatures with increasing grain size.



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