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Tem Structure Characterization Of Ti/Al and Ti/Al/Ni/Au Ohmic Contacts For n-GaN

  • S. Ruvimov (a1), Z. Liliental-Weber (a1), J. Washburn (a1), K. J. Duxstad (a2), E. E. Hailer (a2), Z.-F. Fan (a3), S. N. Mohammad (a3), W. Kim (a3), A. E. Botchkarev (a3) and H. Morkoq (a3)...


Transmission electron microscopy has been applied to characterize the structure of Ti/Al and Ti/Al/Ni/Au ohmic contacts on n-type GaN (˜1017 cm−3 ) epitaxial layers. A thin polycrystalline cubic TiN layer epitaxially matched to the (0001) GaN surface was detected at the interface with the GaN substrate. This layer was studied in detail by electron diffraction and high resolution electron microscopy. The orientation relationship between the cubic TiN and the GaN was found to be: {111}TiN//{00.1}GaN, [110]TiN//[11.0]GaN, [112 ]TiN//[ 10.0]GaN. The formation of this cubic TiN layer results in an excess of N vacancies in the GaN close to the interface which is considered to be the reason for the low resistance of the contact.



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