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Tem Specimen Preparation of Tial Alloy Powders Produced by Plasma Rotating Electrode Process

  • M. Nishida (a1), A. Chiba (a1), T. Tateyama (a1), R. Tomoshige (a1), K. Morita (a1) and E. Aoyagi (a2)...


TEM specimens of PREPed Ti -48 at.% Al powders can be prepared reproducibly in a straight-forward manner. There are two kinds of powders with respect to surface and crosssectional morphologies. One is with an Widmanstitten-like structure and or a surface relief of martensitic phase and the other is with a dendritic structure. The primary phase during solidification and relative cooling rate in both the powders are discussed by comparing the macroscopic and microscopic features.



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