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TEM Observation of Microstructural Change of Silicon Single Crystal Caused by Scratching Tests Using SPM

  • M. Takagi (a1), K. Onodera (a2), H. Iwata (a3), T. Imura (a1), K. Sasaki (a4) and H. Saka (a4)...


In this study, the microstructural change of the surface of Si single crystal (Si(100)) after the scratching tests under very small loading forces was investigated. At first, line-scratching tests and scanning-scratching tests were carried out using an atomic force/friction force microscope (AFM/FFM). Next, cross-sectional TEM observations of the wear marks which were generated by the scratching tests were carried out. As a result of the TEM observations after the line-scratching tests, it was found that dislocations were observed in the area of less than 100nm thickness from the surface of the wear marks which were formed under the loading forces of more than 5μN. In the case of the loading forces of more than 20μN, an amorphous region was also observed just under the wear marks. As a result of the TEM observations after the scanning-scratching tests, it was found that the introduction of dislocations took place and no amorphous region appeared. It was also found that the several atomic layers at the top surface of the wear marks shifted in parallel to (100).



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