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TEM In-Situ Study of Dislocation Motion in B2 NiAl Single Crystals

  • B. Ghosh (a1) and M. A. Crimp (a1)


In an effort to understand dislocation mobility in stoichiometric NiAl single crystals, in-situ tensile deformation experiments have been performed in a transmission electron microscope. Commercially pure and high purity single crystals with <001> and <110> orientations have been examined. Two different thermal treatments were adopted in order to effect the mechanical response. Dislocation motion was observed in all samples. Pre-existing dislocations, either isolated or tangled, were not observed to move at any point leading up to sample failure. Cross-slip of the mobile dislocations was observed in some cases. In commercially pure single crystals, dislocations were found to move at a much slower rate and uniform manner in contrast to motion in high purity single crystals which occurs by rapid jumps.



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TEM In-Situ Study of Dislocation Motion in B2 NiAl Single Crystals

  • B. Ghosh (a1) and M. A. Crimp (a1)


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