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TEM and HREM Investigation of The Precipitation of Cobalt and Nickel In Polycrystalline Silicon

  • H. J. Möller (a1), Juyong Chung (a1) and Lan Huang (a1)


The precipitation behavior of cobalt and nickel at grain boundaries in multicrystalline silicon is investigated. The metals are diffused into the specimens from a surface source between 800 -1000 °C and the precipitation after cooling is studied by conventional and high resolution TEM. Cobalt and nickel disilicide precipitates nucleate both in the bulk and at grain boundaries. They form few large (micrometer size) plate-like or three-dimensional precipitates depending on the cooling rate. Cobalt disilicide with a slightly larger lattice mismatch has a higher tendency to nucleate at large angle grain boundaries. Both suicides nucleate preferentially at coherent twin boundaries forming a few atomic layers thick platelet parallel to the {111} twin plane. HREM and image simulations are performed to analyze the Si / MS12 / twin interface structure (M = Co, Ni).



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