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Tape Casting Using Fine Ceramic Powders

  • David S. Wilkinson (a1), Evin P. Plucknett (a1) and Carlos H. Caceres (a1)


Tape casting technology has been developed for the production of ceramic composites using fine powders of alumina and zirconia with an average particle size in the range 0.25-0.3 μm. These powders require careful control of the dispersant/solids ratio in order to minimize the slip viscosity, and to prevent the rejection of excess dispersant during solvent evaporation. In this regard phosphate ester has been found to be an effective dispersant. The choice of solvent is also important, with a non-polar solvent exhibiting more forgiving behaviour. The use of such fine powders lowers the solids loading permitted in the tape casting slip to about 22 vol.%, with a resulting green density of less than 54% of theoretical. However, high sintered densities can be achieved in both single tapes and laminates. Constraints imposed on the tape during solvent evaporation lead to a difference in green density within the tapes, and strategies need to be developed to counteract this.



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Tape Casting Using Fine Ceramic Powders

  • David S. Wilkinson (a1), Evin P. Plucknett (a1) and Carlos H. Caceres (a1)


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