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Synthetic Control and Properties of Processible Poly(Methylsilsesquioxane)S

  • Jin-Kyu Lee (a1), Kookheon Char (a2), Hie-Joon Kim (a1), Hee-Woo Rhee (a3), Hyun-Wook Ro (a1), Dae Young Yoo (a1) and Do Y. Yoon (a1)...


Processible poly(methylsilsesquioxane)s (PMSSQs) were prepared in THF solution under nitrogen atmosphere in the presence of HCl catalyst. It was found that various reaction parameters such as concentration, temperature, reaction time, the amount of water, and the amount of acid catalyst could affect the molecular weight and the amount of functional end groups of PMSSQ samples. Thin films prepared from our PMSSQ samples by spin-coating followed by curing to 420°C exhibited a much better crack resistance than those presented in the literature, while the dielectric constant remained practically the same, i.e., ca. 2.7.



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