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Synthesis of nanostructured silica powders by a room temperature aerosol process

  • Jingyu Hyeon-Lee (a1), Gregory Beaucage (a1) and Sotiris. E. Pratsinis (a2)


Nano-sized porous silica powders are synthesized by a room temperature aerosol process. Reactant mixing configuration, reactant temperature, and drying temperature effects on the physical and morphological features of these powders are studied by nitrogen adsorption and small angle xray scattering techniques. These silica powders have high specific surface areas up to 600 m2/g, and show narrowly confined mesoporous characteristics. The powders display some structural change with temperature. The morphological features are modeled as mass fractals by small angle x-ray scattering. Measured fractal dimensions are around 2.8, indicating diffusion limited growth processes.



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