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Synthesis of Iron-containing Nanomaterials by “Greener” Methods and Their Use for Disinfection of Water

  • Boris I. Kharisov (a1), Betsabee Olvera Pérez (a1), Edgar G. de Casas Ortiz (a1), Oxana V. Kharissova (a1), María del Rayo Camacho Corona (a1), Victor M. Jiménez Pérez (a1) and Rasika Dias (a2)...


Methods of “green” synthesis of nanoparticles of elemental iron (zero-valent iron, NZVI), its oxides and hydroxides using natural products are reviewed. In particular, the use of biological agents such as extracts of various plants, tea, soya, table sugar and glucose, as reductants and as capping agents is shown. The techniques involved are simple, environmentally friendly and generally one-pot processes. Water disinfection using iron nanomaterials against viruses and bacteria is also examined.



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