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Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Zinc-Amides as Potential Dopant Sources for ZnSe OMVPE

  • William S. Rees (a1), David M. Green (a1), Werner Hesse (a1), Timothy J. Anderson (a2) and Balu Pathangey (a2)...


Compounds of the general forms Zn[N(R)2]2, Zn(N(R)(R')2] and Zn{[N(R)2][N(R')2]} have been prepared, these new compositions have been characterized by multinuclear NMR, GC/MS, FTIR, elemental analysis and single crystal x-ray diffraction, and they have been evaluated for their potentialto serve as “designer dopants” in the epitaxial growth of p-type ZnSe. Retention of the Zn-N bond during deposition should insure selective location of the nitrogen atom on the native selenium lattice site. Precursor vapor pressures, vapor phase decomposition mechanisms, and thin film properties are presented. Results from materials characterization by XRD, SIMS, PL, Raman and SEM are presented in the context of evaluating dopantlevel.



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