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Synthesis and microstructure of conformal coatings on particulates

  • K. Rajan (a1), P. Sajgalik (a2), R. K. Singh (a3), D. Kumar (a3) and J. Fitz-Gerald (a3)...


In this paper we present an overview of two very different approaches to the synthesis of composite particulates which result in a “core-shell” type structure. It is shown that both these synthesis approaches result in very characteristic interface structures between the outer coating and the host particles. One synthesis strategy is to use laser ablation deposition on individual particles and the other is to “coat” particles ‘in-situ’ by taking advantage of solid state diffusional transformations. Examination of the interface between the outer shell and the core of the particle shows that textured or toptactical growth occurs and it is suggested that this unique crystallographic characteristic may be responsible for the properties offered by these engineered particulates. The applications of such engineered particulates is also discussed.



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