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Synthesis And Characterization Of Pillared Acid-Activated Montmorillonites

  • Robert Mokaya (a1), William Jones (a1), Mavis E. Whittle (a2) and Mary E. Davies (a2)


Polymeric hydroxy-Al cations were introduced into the interlayer of acid-activated montmorillonites by cation exchange. The resulting pillared materials possessed layer spacings of 18 – 20 Å, surface areas between 250 – 320 m2/g, pore volumes in the range 0.3 – 0.38 cc/g and pore diameters in the range 32 – 40 Å depending on preparation procedures (i.e pillaring temperature and drying method). Powder XRD analysis indicated that the pillars formed were stable to temperatures above 500 °C. The surface acidity of these type of pillared clays was higher than that of pillared non-activated clays. Preliminary studies on their adsorption capacity for chlorophyll showed that they were superior to pillared non-activated clays.



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