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Synthesis and Characterization of PbTiO3 Thin Films Grown by Chemical Beam Deposition

  • K.Y. Hsieh (a1), S.H. Rou (a1), L.L.H. King (a1) and A.I. Kingon (a1)


A new deposition technique for PbTiO3 films utilizing chemical beams of metalorganic sources in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber is demonstrated. Ozone is introduced to provide a source of active oxygen. The role of active oxygen in controlling the surface chemical reactions is discussed. Fine grained, single phase PbTiO3 films have been deposited on MgO (100) and SiO2/Si substrates at substrate temperatures as low as 350°C. Films were characterized by XRD, SEM, and TEM. The results suggest that the chemical beam deposition technique provides another method for the fabrication and integration of ferroelectric thin films with silicon (or GaAs) devices.



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