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Synthesis and Characterization of Flowerlike ZnO Nanoneedle Arrays on Si (100)

  • Boqian Yang (a1) and Xianping Feng (a2)


Flowerlike ZnO nanoneedle arrays have been synthesized on Si (100) substrates by pulsed laser deposition techniques. The tips of the nanoneedles are ˜ 20- 50 nm in diameter and their roots are as thick as ˜ 50- 100 nm. The nanoneedle arrays grow preferentially along the [0001] direction. Raman spectroscopy shows three first order optical normal modes which confirm wurtzite structure of ZnO nanoneedles. In the low frequency zone, additive modes (92, 122, 163, and 275 cm-1) are observed and can be attributed to zone boundary phonons. ZnO nanoneedle arrays exhibit a strong UV luminescence emission, and two strong peaks at 3.258 eV and 3.288 eV are observed.



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Synthesis and Characterization of Flowerlike ZnO Nanoneedle Arrays on Si (100)

  • Boqian Yang (a1) and Xianping Feng (a2)


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