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Synthesis and Characterization of Cd 1−x Cu x Se Quantum Dots

  • Khalid M. Hanif (a1) and Geoffrey F. Strouse (a1)


Cu:CdSe nanoparticle alloys were synthesized using inorganic cluster precursor via a lyothermal method. The dots synthesized were approximately 4 nm in size and exhibited doping levels as high as 20% for Cu(I). Cu(I) cations are randomly doped on the Cd-Td site based on a Vegard's law analysis, suggesting that doping arises from a random ion substitution mechanism. The resulting dots exhibited essentially no band edge photoluminescence due to a high level of trap site inclusions in these materials resulting from Se vacancy formation in order to compensate for the Cu+ replacing a Cd2+ ion. Se vacancy formation is evident in the XPS analysis of the Cd:Cu:Se ratios for these materials.



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Synthesis and Characterization of Cd 1−x Cu x Se Quantum Dots

  • Khalid M. Hanif (a1) and Geoffrey F. Strouse (a1)


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