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Synchrotron Photoemission Studies of the Structure of Thermally Grown Si3N4 ON Si(100)*

  • C. H. F. Peden (a1), J. W. Rogers (a1), K. B. Kidd (a1), K. L. Tsang (a1) and N. D. Shinn (a1)...


Synchrotron photoemission measurements of the Si(2p) and N(ls) levels have been made on Si3N4 thin films grown in-situ by high temperature reaction of Si(100) with NH3. The tunability of the excitation photons allowed the mean-free-path of the emitted photoelectrons to be varied, thereby providing the capability to determine not only the types of chemical species present, but their location within the film as well. The structure of these films consists of an outer monolayer (ML) of Si atoms on top of stoichiometric Si3N4. In addition, there are a smaller number (1/2 ML) of Si atoms with intermediate oxidation states at the Si3N4/Si interface.



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This work, performed at Sandia National Laboratories, was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under contract number DE-AC04-76DP00789.



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Synchrotron Photoemission Studies of the Structure of Thermally Grown Si3N4 ON Si(100)*

  • C. H. F. Peden (a1), J. W. Rogers (a1), K. B. Kidd (a1), K. L. Tsang (a1) and N. D. Shinn (a1)...


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