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Synchroshear Versus Conventional Shear Mechanisms in Transitionmetal Disilicides with the C40 Structure

  • H. Inui (a1) and M. Yamaguchi (a1)


The deformation behavior of (0001) <1210> basal slip in single crystals of five different transitionmetal disilicides with the C40 structure has been investigated in the temperature range from room temperature to 1500°C in compression. These disilicides are found to be classified into two groups depending on the onset temperature for plastic flow. The low-temperature group, which consists of VSi2, NbSi2 and TaSi2, exhibits the onset temperature for plastic flow around 0.3 T/Tm (melting temperature) and deforms by a conventional shear mechanism. In contrast, the high temperature group, which consists of CrSi2 and Mo(Si,Al)2, exhibits the onset temperature around 0.6T/Tm and deforms by a synchroshear mechanism. Factors affecting the deformation mechanism in these C40 disilicides are discussed in terms of directionality of atomic bonding and the relative stability of the C40 phase with respect to the C11b phase.



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