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Surface Roughness Characterization of al Films by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

  • J. R. Blanco (a1), K. Vedam (a1), P. J. McMarr (a1) and J. M. Bennett (a2)


Well characterized rough surfaces of aluminum films have been studied by the nondestructive technique of Spectroscopie Ellipsometry (SE). The roughness of the aluminum specimens had been characterized earlier by Total Integrated Scattering and Stylus Profilometry techniques to obtain numerical estimates of ras roughness and autocovariance lengths. The present SE measurements on these specimens were carried out at a number of angles of incidence in the range 30–80° and at a number of discrete wavelengths in the spectral range 300–650nm. The SE results were then analyzed by the scalar theory of diffraction from random rough surfaces by treating the surface as a simple random rough surface. The results of such analyses of the SE measurements are compared with the results of the earlier characterization techniques.



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Surface Roughness Characterization of al Films by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

  • J. R. Blanco (a1), K. Vedam (a1), P. J. McMarr (a1) and J. M. Bennett (a2)


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